Our Vision – 2023

We will deliver our statutory functions to ensure that only prisoners whose risk can be safely managed may serve the remainder of their sentence in the community under the supervision of a social worker whilst subject to stringent licence conditions.

In doing so, and in anticipation of legislative change that will clarify the Board’s status as an independent body, we will strive for excellence, openness and continuous improvement and learning in all that we do. In carrying out our functions we will respect all those that we work with.

Decision making

Our decision making will be rigorous and independent. We will increase our understanding, and assessment, of risk. We will introduce a system of constructive member peer review to promote quality and consistency.

Our People

We will value and invest in our most valuable resource…our people. By working in collaboration with all staff and members on the decisions and issues that affect them we will ensure fairness and equality of opportunity; a working environment that is safe, supportive, and encourages innovation and personal and career development.

Administrative support

We will use improvement methodology to continuously and collaboratively test and improve our processes. Our focus will be on improving quality and efficiency, learning from mistakes, using performance indicators, and auditing and refining our own practices.


We will use our resources efficiently and effectively to ensure best value to the public purse. This will include collaboratively developing proposals for a more streamlined and transparent fee structure that rewards members appropriately and is easily understood and administered while appropriately recognising individuals’ contribution.

Working arrangements

We will develop and implement proposals to move to five day working. This will involve casework meetings being dealt with at tribunal meetings on a daily basis. This will work in a similar way to the current method of dealing with the review for re-release of persons recalled to custody.


We will continue to explore and test options for electronic working including electronic submission of dossiers to members and solicitors and better access to shared systems with SPS and other partners.

Raising awareness

We will seek opportunities to raise awareness of what we do and how we contribute to the wider Scottish Justice context with partners and the public.

Colin Spivey

Chief Executive, Parole Board for Scotland

John Watt

Chairman, Parole Board for Scotland